Newsletter # 1 | December 11, 2018

NEWSLETTER #1  December 11, 2018

Volume 1 | Issue 1

This is SO exciting! WELCOME . YOU can say you are part of this with me …from the beginning! I am thrilled to feel like it’s time to start a newsletter because I have readers! I hope you will reply & tell me where you are in your planning (or on the road) stage! What rig do you have or are planning for? What is your biggest excitement point & where are your hesitations (we all have some!)

Since most of you at this point came to me through FTFW, I will go with the idea that the vast majority of you are in the planning stages or new to the RV lifestyle… So, I want to do for you what I would want. I want to provide you with some more info & resourcesI mean what I offer is not enough, it’s only a piece of a whole pie! For us, we watched You Tubers. Their episodes replaced our regular programming for us for months — that & video walk-through’s of different RV types! LOL!

, my plan for these newsletters (in the future) will be to share relevant content with you pertaining to eating, dining, food shopping, cooking, etc on the road. BUT, this first newsletter needs to serve as an introduction & WELCOME to this community!I am so glad you are here. Promise I will not always include this many links!!

During FTFW you were exposed to so many of AWESOME full-time RVers. I hope you are taking in all of that info & following those You Tubers. Many of them are ones we followed then, and even now but I don’t need to duplicate those. I am going to share three You Tubers that I follow (still watch them now) that were NOT a part of FTFW to give you something different. We all have to find the ones that speak to us!

THANK YOU for subscribing to Cultivated Journey & wanting to be a part of this ! I am so humbled & appreciative. I hope to hear back from you so we can get to know each other better…. & I truly hope to meet you down the road!

Eat Fresh, Be Local, Travel Often ~ Chef Melissa

here are the links I want to share with you today … they will open in a new window so you can come back here & keep clicking down the list!

IN case you don’t have it yet, Here MY FREE E-Cookbook: 

“Fresh Meals from My Tiny Kitchen” – an e-cookbook for culinary adventurers-

Get to know me, find out what to expect & read my latest Blog posts

Start Here – What to Expect from Cultivated Journey After reading this, be sure to click around & find ‘Meet Us’ to know us better

Our Travels (& top places) SO FAR – this was s much fun to write & remember it all! The map really makes it real!

Here’s those You Tubers I mentioned above. I picked these ones because they may be ‘new to you’ … ENJOY!!

Gone with the Wynns – Start Here They are so upbeat & infectious! They were among the ‘trailblazers’ of the modern (non-retired) RV nomad movement. They started nomad life about 8 years ago! Jason & Nikki plus their 2 cats, Singa & Cleo, share their knowledge & adventures. Look for the RV playlists at the bottom of their ‘Playlists’ tab…. there’s about 9 categories & 180 videos in their RV series … and like me, you may eventually start watching them on water too!

Dan & Jen – Their motor-home move-in day! I LOVE these guys (hope to meet them someday) Dan & Jen really do ‘keep it real’ and are just such genuine people sharing their journey with their audience. They post in several formats, several times a week

Carey on Vagabond – Season 1 the start Irene, Dave & Pistol. I think they are COOL! & FUN! They are “van lifers” and embody nomad-ism!

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