Newsletter #10 | 03.09.19

“CONTENT: Top 12 RV Kitchen Must Haves,  Instant Pot Chix Tacos & More Recipes, Are Ypu READY for the Road, Remote Work help & more …”


Hi ! Oh HAPPY DAY !! Or at least it was here in east Texas!! It was all sunshine & every bit of 60 degrees that felt warmer in direct sun! We were sure to get out in it because the promise of all ️rain & clouds comes back tomorrow … boo hoo hoooo! Really y’all, what the heck is up with the weather?

What has the weather been like where you are? What do you do when you feel trapped inside? Cook? Bake?? Have you had any great new recipes lately? I have mixed up dressings, dehydrated mushrooms, whipped up pastry cream, steamed lobster tail, made fresh tapioca pudding & green-chile’ed-up some chicken…. just to name a few things! Be sure to check out the Chicken Taco Recipe & the Cream of Mushroom Soup will be up tomorrow … watch Instagram for the link.
And oh … The 12 RV Kitchen Must Haves post is up too. Watch for Part 2 next week which will be additional items that you should consider if you really like to experiment & get your gourmet on!
We have started planning our next RV location move… to northern New Mexico!Bye bye Texas in a few weeks. The horse ranch has been great, but time to ride on!! We are excited & hopeful that we will have better weather there. We will be workamping at a resort there for 6 months & then we plan to resume a regular travel schedule for fall & winter! Not sure where we plan to head yet— plenty of time to figure that out.

What is your travel style? How often do (or will) you move & where do you think you will stay? Are you an RV park camper or are you more of a BLM boondocker?

What is our deal? Are we planning for workamping to be our source of income in the future? No, not ultimately….we want to move more often … see the country, hike trails, swim in the ocean …live the dream! This workamping job is a strategic move in our part. When you are reliant on a mobile income & being location independent it takes strategy & intention. To get your business established you have to be committed. We were NOT as ready as we should have been (I mean do we have regrets?) Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t completely clueless, we had a basic plan & we had money in the bank but beware … that can be bad too because it made it easy to be in “vacation mode” a bit too long. (I mean can you blame us? We’ve both worked our whole lives!) SO we had to come up with the rest & put it into motion once we were out here so we didn’t burn through our savings. The 6 months in New Mexico will be so G.R. can utilize his newly acquired RV Tech Certification as a mobile tech & I will get to write my cookbook & build Cultivated Journey! 

What’s your plan for work from the road? Still need ideas? See the link below… Camille can help give you the tools you need!! There are so very many options for a location independent lifestyle …you just have to tap into your skills & strengths!

Until we meet down on the road, keep on cooking!! – Chef Melissa


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