Newsletter #11 | 03.20.19

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HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! I hope it was sunny where you are! It was SO sunny here, which was a nice change from the excessive rain we have experienced the past few months. I think we are all ready for nicer weather! I have added a daily (only 7 minutes) podcast every morning that I think you might like… see LINKS at the bottom.

You may have missed me last week … I am fine & I apologize but RV life happens & overwhelm can be a part of that … so, I took a needed break last week. I don’t promise it will never happen again, it will, but I will do my best to be sure it doesn’t happen often. I am back in the saddle (& in the kitchen & at the keyboard) this week & busier than ever. I am trying to cut myself a break, I mean I have to remember, we are only 8 months on the road. We can say it is NOT all rainbows & sunsets (BUT, those really are great) and we had some adjustments to make but it’s all good — actually better now, but it is part of a process. There will be more parts too I am sure… this was a HUGE change. Be prepared for the adjustment period & be flexible going into this lifestyle friends & you will be fine! This lifestyle is a dream, but dreams aren’t perfect & can be down right scary from time to time! HaHaHa!! All joking aside, we are still VERY glad we made this choice!

SO, NEXT WEEK I will do that Part 2 Kitchen Must-Have’s post that should have been last week, “An-ti-ci-pation is making me wait ….” AND I will post several recipes, not just one! We are going to hit a Farmers Market in Nachodoches, Texas this Saturday (& maybe a brewery!) so I will have fresh products to make some new recipes with! I am SOOO STOKED …. I have missed farmers market season!!!! Watch my Instagram for pictures & tidbit!! !

I have SO many projects in the works & can’t wait to start sharing as they take shape. ONE of those is that I am starting an online Cookbook Club called Cultivated Journey’s Hungry Nomads in May — watch for details! I will be offering a unique twist on a traditional club (where you actually meet in person) and I will translate that need for community & cooking our books for all of the travelers out there! I WILL have to limit membership numbers so watch for the sign-up notice late in April!

My cookbook is coming along very well but I may not talk about it every week because as huge of an undertaking as it is, it is probably a year from the “shelf” so I don’t want to create frustration! I will update you as I hit milestones though & I feel everyone cheering me on!

What is the favorite thing you have cooked lately? For me, probably Beef Short Ribs over a Mixed Potato & Carrot Mash! IT WAS AMAZING!! (Recipe soon I promise!) and I also was happy with the Mushroom SoupI made in the Instant Pot as well as a superb (recipe to come also) CHEESECAKE done in the Instant Pot (no, I don’t post many desserts, so they are worth-it-GOOD when I do!) I may never cook one in the oven again!!! (NO JOKE!) I have also been making a lot of salads!

HOW ABOUT YOU?? What are you cooking these days?

How is RVing so far if you are out on the road? OR When do you plan to launch? I would love to hear & see pictures if you wish to send them —.I have loved all of the ones you have sent so far!!! Thank you for sharing a bit of you with me…keep it coming!

“Eat fresh, Be Local, Travel Often” my friends

Hope to see you down the road SOON~ Chef Melissa Cultivated Journey

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LINKS for the Week:

PODCAST of THE WEEK Start your day on a positive note — I DO! 7 Good Minutes Podcast for Daily Self Improvement

I like these next few for obvious reasons. I hope you might too! 48 COOKBOOKS in a COLLECTION by Rebekah Lowin She is kind of a lifestyle guru & does easy recipes, DIY projects, Jewish holiday inspiration, & more but I love this one on her cookbooks!

Cookbook beauty on INSTAGRAM — HARDCOVER COOK — Monique is “a cookbook obsessive cooking through my collection one recipe at a time. Watch my stories for a monthly roundup of online cookbook clubs”

A BONUS — If you are an RVer (or an aspiring RVer) you should check this show out –> RV SHOW USA The RV Show USA- Making smarter and better informed RVers, your RV Wingman Alan Warren hosts The Country’s Number One Radio Show about the RV Lifestyle. This 2 hour weekly Show streams LIVE on YouTube every Wednesday 7-9pm CT and is a blend of entertainment, information and education

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