Newsletter # 12

A Weekly Serving of Roadside Perspective | Volume 1, Issue 12 | 03.27.19

“CONTENT: Travel Style, New Meal ideas, Farmer Meg, YouTubers ‘You, Me & the RV’ plus more …”


Hello & Happy Wednesday.

So it’s happening…this Sunday morning — in 4 days — we head west to make our way to New Mexico. We have been workamping on this East Texas ranch for 3 months. The weather has been atypically (we are told) rainy most of our stay. We will arrive in New Mexico to the next workamper position by mid-April & will stay through September. After THAT when we will start – October 2019; one year & 3 months after “hitting the road. Why the hold up? What ARE we doing now? Why? What IS our travel style?

Well,  in short we did travel for a few months when we first set out but “ …we had a date to be in Florida for my husbands RV Tech School. Then we were there, in Florida, while he went to school. Then the holidays happened so we lost a month. Then we landed the ‘gig’ in New Mexico so that G.R. could ‘apply his new craft’ for 5 months before taking it mobile & solo (& so I can have time to write my book) AND we have been where we are now in Texas essentially to kill 3 months because New Mexico starts in April (we didn’t want to aimlessly wonder around) ….” WHEW!! So, it all worked out well & was (mostly) planned & such there was a method to the madness, or at least a purpose, so we see it as time well spent to insure that we have dependable income to sustain this lifestyle until we are ready to live off retirement (not there yet!) It has allowed us to breath & adapt & learn too.

We PLAN for our normal travel style to be moving about every 2-3 weeks and then maybe occasionally try to land that ‘cream of the crop’ (location-wise) workamper gig for a few months here & there…? Never say never! We are learning as we go. We will say getting positions has not been difficult (we did put together a solid resume on and it is a great way to get your site & amenities plus some money, so who knows once we are ready to slow down more in the future we may do more of it!

Cooking good local food, cookbooks & TRAVEL….Have I said that I LOVE, love, love that I am chasing my passions with this lifestyle? I just want to take a moment to marinate in (can’t help it, punny girl) the joy that I experience as I reach toward thriving …I hope that each and every one of you is committed to finding your joy & living it too —whatever that looks like! My goal, my word, this year is THRIVE. What’s yours? How’s it going?? I am still working toward mine.

Lately  I have been cooking more than the “normal repertoire” You know, that pattern of cooking the same things, in a somewhat methodical yet haphazardly redundant fashion? The same basic 12(ish) meals — on rewind? Yep, even Chefs do it! I think I owe the commitment to NEW items to YOU & everyone that follows me … my reason for this letter every week! You inspire me to be better & relevant & new. Did you see the Crawfish Pasta & Pulled Pork on Instagram? Also, I am preparing to write my cookbook manuscript so maybe I am ‘dusting myself off’ so to speak!! Everything I cook isn’t new, just maybe it has been a long time since I last made it, or I have only it when I cooked “for others” & not at home? So it’s fun changing things up!! G.R., my husband, is really enjoying it too. THANKS! 🙂

Here’s my challenge to you this week —make a new recipe! Just one! I encourage you to open a cookbook (if you have one on the road with you … oh, I hope you do!) Or go to the website of your favorite Chef & find one. You will be glad you did!

Then, if you would like, post a picture on Instagram of your new recipe & tag me in at (@cultivatedjourney) so that I can see it too!!! Don’t forget to tell me where you found the recipe. Who knows, perhaps you will want to join the online cookbook club I am starting in May – Cultivated Journey’s Hungry Nomads …IT WILL BE A TERRIFIC, FUN COOKING JOURNEY!!

I’ll catch ya outside of WACO Texas next week friend…(YAY!!) We are taking a few weeks to ‘enjoy the journey’ on our way to the mountains! And yes, there will be pictures from you-know-where … OH, I have written the Part 2 to the Kitchen Must-Haves, it’s called RV Kitchen Might-Wants but I will wait to post it next week when we are traveling.

Until next time – Eat Fresh, Be Local & Travel Often ~ Chef MelissaCultivated Journey

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Podcast – SAVOR Podcast this episode is “New Orleans, the south is north from here” Savor digs into how people live and how they eat – and why. Hosts Anney Reese and LaurenVogelbaum interview the culinary creators and consumers of the world, exploring the science, history, and culture of food and drink, all with a key question in mind: Why do we like what we like, and how can we find more of those things?

Food / Farm – Farmer Meg on Instagram is just awesome (at least I think) for farm obsessed foodies!!or if you prefer find her on the web at Farmer Meg Website

YouTube You Me & the RV Phil & Stacy are both retired Navy & now FT in their RV. They are entertaining,dynamic & full of great RV knowledge …I think you will like them!!

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