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Volume 1, Issue 13 | 04.10.19

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Yes, we are “ON THE MOVE” again & It is AWESOME!!We are headed west but made a quick stop last week to have a four day “vacay” with my cousin who flew in from Washington to hang out near Waco! We LOVE having family & friends come see us on the road & yes, it gives us a chance to have a vacation too! Even RVers need a ‘break’ from normal life! We expect at least once a year to take an actual vacation away from the RV & several mini-breaks when people visit. Also, we met up with our first Cultivated Journey Hungry Nomads while in the DFW area! We have so much in common & look forward to seeing them again n the road! We would LOVE to meet you too if we are ever in your area!

Also, I have decided to refine my communication even further after some feedback –> I will now send this newsletter every other week & I will still post weekly on my blog (two on no-newsletter weeks & one on newsletter weeks) Let’s see how this works!?

For us, being stationary for 3 months was more taxing than we anticipated. We are figuring out our travel style still because our journey has included ‘chunks’ of stationary time (& we have just one more to go) that have been part of what we are doing to get our mobile business selves “up & running” so while it’s all good, we are getting honed in on a style that will suit us going forward (once we get to move in a regular fashion after this summer).

If you already travel, what is your style? How many days between moves do you typically stay put? Does it suit you or would you like to change it If you don’t travel yet, what are your plans for travel & stop time? I always find it interesting what others do & why. I think it’s insightful & we can learn from each other perhaps.

We are currently re-positioning –you know traveling with just quick overnight stops in order to just get across an area that you don’t have any plans to see or do anything, on the way to where you want to do or see things! Say that 5 times fast, right?

How do you EAT when you are ‘re-positioning’? Sandwiches etc work well for the day while we are driving but since a quick stop is typically dry camping (preferably at a Harvest Host) we must be careful of resources, so it takes more thought! Try an instant pot recipe maybe? Just one pot to cook in is a great thing, BUT, be careful …

Two nights the RV Tech (my husband) got to put his tech hat on …(he wasn’t necessarily thrilled) when during dinner being fixed the TV, A/C’s, refrigerator & micro/oven all went off at once when he turned on the air fryer. Yes, we overloaded (because we were dry camping). He figured it all out & yes, we should have known better but sometimes even RV Techs don’t think about these things! It took an hour for him to get it all dealt with, and there was no damage, but we did NOT eat everything we set out to eat! We do try to eat in so planning is just paramount because there’s even water to consider (it’s the one time I might use paper plates).

Speaking of Harvest Hosts – HERE is a LINK to get YOU a 15% discount when you sign up to be members. It is by far one of our favorite ways to overnight “along the way”! As I write this today, we are currently headed to our THIRD Harvest Host in a row!! First a lavender farm, then a micro-brewery & today a WWII Air Museum …. What??? YES!!! And only the week before Waco we hit a great winery (Tara Vineyard) Watch my Instagram as I will be posting pictures of all of them (& I will include this discount code in my BIO link) Tomorrow we hit a full hook up campground & we will stay two nights. Three is kind of our max for “a push’ before we need two to ‘catch up’ the systems & breath for a day.

Gotta go for now as the Air Museum is in sight & we have some cool old planes to go see!

Until the next time…

Eat fresh, Be Local & Travel Often my Friend!! ~ Chef Melissa

Watch for notices tomorrow for a new recipe & blog post … I think you will like both!!

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