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Volume 1, Issue 14 | 04.24.19

“CONTENT: …Farmers Market Season, NM – Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell & The Enchanted Circle”


Hello from the Enchanted Circle my friend!!WE MADE IT & I have to say that we are indeed very enchanted … it is breathtakingly GORGEOUS up here!!! If you don’t know where the “Enchanted Circle” is, let me tell you… If you can find Santa Fe New Mexico … go 90 miles north (or about 2 hours) to Tao. Past Taos you stay north to Red River & through Carson National Forest on around to the east to Eagle Nest then south back toward Carson National Forest to Angel Fire… & if you wish to complete the circle (going back through the Forest) you will end up back in Taos. You can of course go in reverse if you turn just before Taos to head to Angel Fire first. They are equally as beautiful.(See the short videos at the end!!)

We are really excited about this workamping gig because it will give G.R. a lot of hands on RV Tech experience (since earning his Master Tech Certification in November) & I am going to be revitalizing & running the restaurant they have on property (while I still work on my cookbook on the side). The park is under new ownership & they are doing a complete overhaul & upgrade to bring it up to today’s standards from providing superior WiFi to a full service Chef-driven restaurant (with patios) that serve beer & wine (plus live entertainment) to a weekly (large Farmers Market plus activities, local tours etc. This is going to be FUN!! I will link to the park in the next newsletter once I have all of the information!

So — let’s go beyond beauty & into reality for a minute. Let’s discuss the altitude change — because it’s a ‘thing’ & it matters! Where we are is at about 8300 feet above sea level & some of the surrounding passes & towns are at 10K or higher. The RV Park owners where we have come to workamp have us taking a week to acclimate. Smart people. Taking it slow & LOTS of water seem to be the 2 main things. Now, do you need a week to acclimate or could you spend a few days here & be fine? If you have spent time in high altitudes you probably already know the answer to that. If not, it depends. We are going to be living here for almost half a year so taking the time seems smart. Age, physical health & genetics are all said to play a role in ow you respond to higher altitudes. Altitude aside though, giving this area more time vs. less would be good due to all there is to do up here any way. I have included a few GREAT LINKS to some info on the area at the bottom today so if you are even considering a trip this way (& you SHOULD) you will want to check them out!

OH, and a bonus … sleep is a struggle for me anyway so can I tell you how excited I was to find out sleep struggles are a side-effect of altitude acclimation — such a great bonus! (NOT)… & then there’s acrophobia. I have had to accept that I apparently have it. It is NOT fun either. Technically it’s fear of heights (which I will acknowledge I am more so than I used to be) but for me specifically it’s driving (or rather riding as a passenger) on the side of mountains, especially going downhill on the twisty-turny switch-backs. It causes an irrational fear & accompanying panic to set in that is completely unpleasant. Lot’s of breath holding & heart racing. Since I have spent very little time in the mountains, I was unaware of it until this trip. BUT, being here is still WORTH it –> I will tough it out & (hopefully) get better as I do it more! Stay tuned!

[FIRST NAME GOES HERE] do you travel in the mountains okay? Do you have any phobias at all & how do you tackle conquering them?

We have hit at least 5-6 microbreweries since leaving the ranch in East Texas & numerous local food joints! I am still adding pictures to Instagram daily (as well as posting pics & reviews on Harvest Host, etc) We will be hitting more as often as we can & I will keep you posted on the good ones. And oh, be sure to hit Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell & Santa Fe — we highly recommend ALL of these!!

I apologize that I only got the recipe up last week on the blog but will get back in the saddle & post more as the weeks go on. I underestimated how time consuming traveling that often is. We are here & settled now though & I have a back-log of topics to write about, which is a good problem I suppose! Never fear though, I will always post at least once a week but I will try for twice as much as I can.

I NEED YOUR HELP –> I am looking to sign-up RECIPE TESTERS for my cookbook. I already have a few but need about a dozen so let me know if you are interested. I will need each tester to commit to 4 to 8 recipes minimum & there will be a form to fill out to send back to make the critique easy. I won’t be starting the testing util later this summer or even fall but I am starting to gather my list of interested volunteers now. (I will be asking monthly in case you miss a newsletter) Watch for a Cultivated Journey Recipe Contest this winter as I would like to feature a few of your recipes in my book as well!!

So, I better get going for now, I have to run to the store (& the closest one is in the next town) but I hope you have a great week & are getting ready for Farmers Market season & all of the great things Spring brings us! Like we said, we will be up here through the summer & into early fall – COME SEE US!! (Be sure to reach out if you need help with reservations or suggestions!!)

Until the next time…

Eat fresh, Be Local & Travel Often my Friend!! ~ Chef Melissa

This week’s LINKS – I think they are AWESOME

Food/Travel Essential Tips for Farmers Market Season it’s an article from last season that I love & is worth sharing as we enter Spring!!

YouTube Things to do in Taos, New Mexico (for foodies & adventurers)OK, yes, Nikki & Jason Wynn are on a boat in French Polynesia (or somewhere awesome like that right now) but it doesn’t make their RV content any less terrific or any less relevant. This is not just food and is a few years old but are all still relevant (even the Chef’s dinners!)

This will show you a MAP of the 86 miles loop that encircle Wheeler Peak known as The Enchanted Circle in the Sangre de Cristos (the southern most sub-range of the Rockies)

Podcast – Carlsbad Carverns, New Mexico I am including this because Jason & Abby filmed & we didn’t! The Caverns are a MUST-DO. They do a the weekly show for RV and outdoor enthusiasts! Join us as we take you across the country to discover great destinations. On the way, we’ll cover tips and tricks, campground reviews, gear to make life on the road easier, and the latest industry news. Jason and Abby Epperson travel full time in a converted school bus they built on their own with their three boys, Jack (11), Ethan (8), Henry (5). They’re lovers of nature and our sprawling national parks, our grand metropolises, and our treasured historic sites. You can follow their adventures at Our Wandering Family or across social media.

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