Newsletter #18

A Weekly Serving of Roadside Perspective |Volume 1 Issue 18| 08.21.19

CONTENT: Late summer crops/food,cookbook club & great LINKS

Hello & Happy Wednesday!

I hope that you are staying cool where ever you are because we are in full swing of the “dog days of summer” here in Kansas City Missouri! I know being “home” right now is the best place for us to be BUT this 100 degree heat with 1000% humidity is sure testing that theory!!

Maybe you can share which beach you are on or which cool mountain area you are in to help a gal out …. 🙂

On to the FOOD … How or WHAT do you find yourself cooking right now? We are still in summer but fall is RIGHT THERE, right? Well, no quite. The summer bounty is dwindling — or IS IT? I say NO!! Yes, we may be past asparagus, cherries, fennel & morels. We might even struggle to find (local) corn soon & strawberries make us remember June & early BUT never fear … beets, cucumbers, cantelope & peaches are here!! We also welcome all things cruciferous (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc) and eggplants are easy to find!! I will be writing a few recipes this weekend & adding them to my BLOG that will speak to these crops & ingredients. Where are you at in the country & what is seasonal there? Not sure … HIT UP YOUR LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS!!

Do you have favorite late summer ingredients? If it’s really hot outside don’t you find yourself cooking outside a lot this time of year? We do! But that does NOT have to limit you to burgers & dogs … again, I will address this in my recipes this weekend & in the coming weeks! And yes, this season means canning is right around the corner so look for some of that too! 🙂 DO YOU CAN? WHAT do you can?

LAST CHANCE (for the foreseeable future anyway) to JOIN my Hungry Nomads Cookbook Club ... I have a few spots left so holler if you want more info. We have even picked our book & we start Sept 4!! It’s going to be so much fun cooking with friends all over the country!

SOOOO…two things in closing:

First, do not miss the LINKS this week ( see the bottom of the newsletter)… they are great!

Second, lately the stress of getting these newsletters out on a schedule is killing me & WHY? …. because I love writing them & communicating with you but my life schedule has been hectic & made keeping this on track hard ….THUS, for now, because I do have so many irons in the fire, I have decided to not confine myself to a box & say I will send a newsletters specifically every 2 weeks … there’s not always something news worthy to share after all, & sometimes there is a ton. SO, you will hear from me regularly…that’s the realistic promise I can make & keep!Newsletters will be at least once a month & sometimes more. Let’s see what this Fall holds! If you want to hear more …think about my Cookbook Club that starts Sept 4 & goes thru December OR check out my BLOG as I am about to start bulking that content up again. I recently added ALL OF MY past Newsletters (with a bunch of great INFO & LINKS in them) so there’s always information to be looking at

OR ….DO YOU HAVE MY FREE E-COOKBOOK that I put out last year? This is a LINK to my My FREE e-Cookbook if you don’t, click this to get it NOW!! 


Take care my friend … May you “Eat Fresh, Be Local & Travel Often” until we meet again, Ta ta for now! ~ Chef Melissa

A few LINKS for YOU: (Yep, cookbooks are the theme of the week!)

PODCAST – Cookery by the Book – midnight in the kitchen This podcast is great as Suzy Chase interviews cookbook authors & the episodes are very interesting & just long enough to not require a whole hour to listen! This episode is for the cookbook MIDNIGHT CHICKEN by Ella Risbridger & has been called “A Manual for Living & a Declaration of Hope”- by Nigella Lawson says, find out WHY!!

the Robb Reports TOP New Cookbooks of this FALL (you will see, for several reasons, why I might be rushing out to check out the first one on the list!!)

BOOK Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients this is the book we will be cooking in our semi-monthly Online Hungry Nomad Cookbook Club. IF you would like to join, I have just a few spots left … give me a shout on here or through MY Facebook or Instagram

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