Newsletter #3 | January 8, 2019

Hi & Happy New Year — I’m BACK!!

Did you get ‘swallowed’ by the holidays at all? It’s so easy to let happen but also sometimes it’s also necessary to unplug from (almost) everything, engage with those we love & just really relax!! Right? I did at least some of all of these but now I am ready to tackle 2019 head on. It’s going to be a busy, fun & meaningful year … I can just feel it!

What are you most looking forward to this year? Do you pick a “word of the year”? This is my third year doing so & I have to say it’s so much more empowering than I expected. I mean it’s ONE word so how does that really matter? Well, it’s not a whole list of concrete resolutions with very specific things to accomplish which I find can just be too dang overwhelming. A single word gives us options but still holds us to some form of its definitionYou get accountability WITH flexibility. Life requires us to be flexible if we are to be successful at it. A single word allows us to contract or expand as needed.

2017 was “SURVIVE”. Albeit barely at times, I did. 2018 was “CHOICE”. I had many & made many. I owned them all. 2019 is “THRIVE” – it’s means to grow or develop vigorously or develop, prosper, bloom, blossom or succeed. YES ! Here I come 2019!!!

See what I mean? So much less pressure than resolutions & yet, somehow, so much more power! Try it if you haven’t. I would love to know what your word is …

In the meantime, let’s talk FOOD, yes? I LOVE food … you? Probably yes if you are along on this journey with me. ? FOOD is SIMPLY elemental at its core – you know, life sustaining, etc. YET, with our western culture of fast & convenient junk food, chemically sprayed veggies and preservative, hormone & antibiotic laden meats/dairy we must make good choices or accept the consequences. I make no bones about how tough it is to make the good choices – I mean, pick a reason – time, money, taste! All these things work against us in being able to make the good choices so often, right? I don’t judge … I have lived in too many glass houses, if you know what I mean. But I also believe we can master the change if we want to. I believe we can be healthier & still loving the food we eat!

Personally, as a part of my Thrive 2019, I am making some changes to how, what & when I eat. I am going to be sharing some of that with you. Now, I don’t want to lose you here while you think “UGH, another Chef preaching on how to eat & cook all healthy & natural & organic, blah, blah …” My mission is the same & you are still in great hands here at Cultivated Journey! We are going to explore good food & I will share my thoughts, my successes & fails … along with great recipes, tips & more! I am not looking at this change as a diet or giving up anything  … I am looking at it as another way to thrive so it’s not about loss, it’s about gain.

And OH … Life changes so fast sometimes … We are now staying on a Texas Ranch for 3 months (my husband is workamping/managing the ranch) And it’s beautiful!! More on that & a few other surprises next week! NEW ADVENTURES!!!

Well, until next week (yep, no more holiday ‘breaks anytime soon!) Watch for an alert on a new blog post this week as well!

Eat Fresh, Be Local & Travel Often – Chef Melissa

A FEW LINKS … Keeping them more entertaining this week ? Enjoy!!

Local Harvest – I LOVE this site! It’s a great way to find farms, dairies CSA’s, apiaries & farmers markets, etc. in YOUR state, town or area.

Eat Wild – “Getting Wild Nutrition from Modern Food” This site is also awesome!!

NY Times “How to Actually Eat Like a Local While Traveling” (This is so “me” that I could have written this, but I didn’t! However, I HAVE written some of the same ideas in my own posts! It’s good – ENJOY!

Modern Farmer is one of my (current) favorite magazines —This will take you to an article on winter TRAVEL but feel free to browse! (I actually have a “paperless” subscription service I love that allows me to read 100’s of magazines for the price of maybe two paper ones AND you get the archives for them all!)

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