Newsletter #4 | January 15, 2019

Hey Friend!

WOW! It’s been a whole week already. Now that we are a few weeks in to 2019 I hope you feel ‘recovered’ from the holidays. I know that there has been some horrible weather lately in parts of the country. It is unseasonably cool here in SE Texas but I am not complaining (because it’s nothing compared to what my family & friends have in our hometown of Kansas City) … What has the weather been where you are? How much does the weather play a factor in your destinations choices when RVing? Do you gravitate to the MOUNTAINS or OCEANS ?? We are water people (who still like to visit the mountains)… LOL

So, last week I hinted at some exciting news … I am still pinching myself but I have officially signed a contract to write a cookbook with Epic Nomad Life & have a 10 episode cooking show on ENTV both coming out late fall of this year!!! Here’s the link to check out the announcement of my pending “RV Nomad Cookbook” & ENTV Series. Writing a cookbook has been on my list of intentions since we decided to RV Full-time but I was thinking that 2020 or even 2021 was most likely for publishing. The title of the book & series are still to be determined but we will get those set soon. Speaking of shows, when we were planning this life, I LOVED watching YouTube for advice & knowledge (still do!) See the link at the bottom to fellow RVer Liz Wilcox’s NEW YouTube show!

This is a dream partnership for me & I am thrilled to begin working on this project. BUT, even better … I plan to have some exciting opportunities for you  & all Cultivated Journey followers with regards to these projects in the coming months so STAY TUNED!! 

IF you have not seen RV NOMADS The Movie it is NOW STREAMING on YouTube & you will want to pop some popcorn & set aside 90 minutes to WATCH IT soon!! THEN …. make plans to join us (I will be there too) THIS year at NomadFEST! Make your calendar & plan your route to Wellington, TX for Oct 24- Nov 1, 2019. This will be the can’t miss RV event of the year.

So, what are we doing in Texas? G.R, Harper & I are getting settled here on the ranch in east Texas outside of Jasper. G.R. took a 3 month workamping ‘gig’ as a ranch manager & I think we are going to really love our time here. We are getting our space (full hook-ups) plus free laundry for 20 hours of horse care and then he is paid for 20 hours of ranch work. PLUS, we have endless hiking (there’s lakes & waterfalls) & great beauty & at night there’s STARS for miles. We feel a lot of privacy/solitude here (the ranch owners do not live here)… but we’re only 15 minutes to town & an hour to a big city. Harper has endless space to run & boy does she love that!! This is a sweet deal for a few months! It is allowing us to stop, recharge & focus after the first 6 months of his school & ‘getting to know’ the RV & lifestyle! Then,on April 1 we are off to the next adventure! I LOVE THIS LIFESTYLE!!

With Cultivated Journey, I am getting the area researched for sourcing local foods, etc… AND I have to tell you, this has been my toughest place to be yet! I plan to bring you more on that in the next few weeks here but also via Instagram & my blog (website) so if you don’t already follow me there, I hope you will consider doing so. I even have a local lamb/sheep farmer interview coming up that I am excited to share with you! 🙂

Confession time —> I had planned a blog post last week like I told you but getting settled with internet etc took longer than I had planned (we are so often reminded of the the need for flexibility in RV life) & I failed, please forgive me! BUT …. I plan to start regularly releasing blog posts THIS WEEK — there I said it  …accountability to you is important to me!). I am planning for Wednesday & Sunday for now & thinking one recipe & one ‘regular/misc’ post. I will watch for feedback & as always welcome your emails with comments, suggestions or requested topics. I am so glad you are along for this journey & I hope I can be part of yours!

Until next week, eat Fresh, be local & travel often! ~ Chef Melissa


The Virtual Campground My mentor, friend & FT RVer Liz Wilcox runs this site & it is as AWESOME as she is! Be sure to check out here book, “Tales from the Black Tank” & she has a NEW LIVE show called “TVC Live” on YouTube every week on Tuesday night! YEP, tonight! I am even sending my newsletter out a few hours early so that you might see this & catch it!

GoRVing Explore the world of RVing and find RV dealers, manufacturers, rental facilities and campgrounds while browsing RVingactivities, images and videos.

Epic NOMAD Life in case you missed it above.

RV NOMADS The Movie This will get you to the Movie

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