Newsletter # 5 | January 30, 2019

Happy Wednesday !!!

Did you miss me? Last week I was kind of “quiet” … not even a newsletter Tuesday! I MISSED YOU! Well, I owe you an apology, but NOT for missing the newsletter OR the notices for the blog posts … (I wrote 2) …So I am going to start right off saying I AM SORRY for hitting your email box too much!! I didn’t set out to be one of those people that is suddenly is emailing every few days… but after a few weeks I realized that was what happening. UGH!! I mean no one wants that! SO, this is part of “being with me since the beginning” —-> trial & error AKA growing pains!! But it’s OK, it’s a good problem to have to solve because it means more of you have joined the journey! SO, anyway, I AM CONDENSING!! You will now get ONE email a week from me but not less content. I will simply include all links (for any of the past weeks posts, etc) right there in one place! BETTER???

Expect an email from me on WEDNESDAYS going forward. Just ONE but packed full of great content!!!

BIG NEWS ALERT …. [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], do you have a lot of cookbooks? Do you have an RV COOKBOOK??? You will WANT one, right? WELL… I AM UNDER CONTRACT WITH EPIC NOMAD TO WRITE A COOKBOOK THAT WILL BE OUT LATE FALL!!!!! PINCH ME!! CHECK OUT THE NEWS HERE Cookbook & 10 episode show announcement!! I am soooo excited!!! There’s even going to be a 10 episode show!!!! I plan to involve my followers as well so stay tuned for more!

Now, on to some good food, cookbook fun & RV frivolity. …this past week I made banana bread & talked about our transition from a home to an RV. Also, seems to be “soup season” here in east Texas (that may not be a season in Florida where we spent Sept – Dec) They just have salad season I think-(& big bug season) -Ha ha. I made several delicious soups this week. I posted one of them … Tuscan Baby Lima Bean Soup and if you missed the Banana Bread recipe from last week here it is! Maybe reading these will warm you up …. it’s cold everywhere right now… stay safe out there!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I post daily & am planning to start even doing some short videos … so I hope you will consider joining me on Instagram if you haven’t yet! It is all food & RV related content!! OH … & in case you don’t ever make it to the bottom of these letters….YOU SHOULD … there’s LINKS you will want to fill your week with!!

So, having been living full-time in our RV (“YOLO”) for well over half a year I decided it was time to write about our journey with regards to the decision to leave our stick & brick, how it really went & how do we feel NOW? Regrets?? Well, take a look in the Rear-View Mirror with me & find out. I included a lot of pictures because I am a visual person so I though some of you might be also!

Also, If you are in the planning stages & need some help with finding remote work you need to check out my friend Camille Attell in the links below! SHE IS the BEST Resource to help with this & she writes about the EMOTIONAL JOURNEY of it all as well AND runs an RV Emotional Journey Facebook page too!!

“Eat fresh, Be Local, Travel Often” my friends!

Hope to see you down the road SOON~ Chef Melissa

Cultivated Journey

And … Here’s Your Weekly Links:

  • My latest Podcast obsession (It’s hard to pick …b/c, like I said, OBSESSED with Podcasts!) Cookbook Love with Maggie Green this has me inspired to start a cookbook club (online) but HOWWW in an RV??? I am working on it. Ideas? Would you join me?
  • Here’s a resource you NEED if you don’t know where to start with looking forremote work More Than a Wheelin’
  • Epic Nomad the MOVIE — I think I have given you this before, but you may have missed it …. DON”T!!

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