Newsletter # 6 | February 7, 2019

Hope you had a Happy Hump Day !

“Huummp Day-ee” … Am I the only one who’s been seeing that re-run of the 2013 “happier than a camel on hump day” commercial lately? Makes me laugh but I hope Geico isn’t out of money for new commercials or if they are they are passing the savings on to their customers (we use Geico—->they are really good with FT RV insurance!)

Are you eating differently this year? What are you doing that you like? What’s the biggest challenge?? This week I wrote on BONE BROTH.I made it in the pressure cooker and man, that is the way to go!! I used chicken bones from Lonestar Sustainable Farm that is close to us where I am getting pork & chicken while we are here. It is well worth the extra time it takes to get good, real food. It has me thinking about I plan to explore the topic of farmers & the farm-to-table movement more in depth in my Friday post.

Hey, I am thinking about starting an online Cultivated Journey cookbook clubwould you join?? I am thinking of how it would need to be different than the typical model (because RVers don’t have enough space to buy cookbooks 12 times a year & we can’t just go to the library because we may not be in one place long enough to use it & return it!) BUT I am thinking of tackling it… it would be so fun!!

As for RV life … it’s GREAT!! We have 7 weeks left in this workamper position & today we started plans for the next destination in northern New Mexico. Exciting! But for now we are loving it here with the horses & serenity! If they had a product to sell, this property really would be great for a Harvest Host location! Do you know about Harvest Hosts?? See my link at the bottom …it is the coolest RV program where you can stay 1-3 nights at various farms, breweries, wineries & historical locations throughout the country. Check it out if you haven’t already!

AND OH …I almost forgot to share …. our motor home is for sale! NO, we aren’t getting out, the contrary! We are just looking for a different layout…. we aren’t using the toy-hauler area now as we anticipated. If you know anyone who wants a Class A toy-hauler feel free to share ? I will link it here if you do —it’s a 2013 Newmar Canyon Star 3920 & it is truly a great motor home!

Well, I will say bye bye for now. Watch for more recipes this week. A ‘new’ egg roll, maybe a poke bowl & pizza crust & pie crust coming at ya for sureLet me know what type of recipes are you wanting to see more of & I will take note!

“Eat Fresh, Be Local, Travel Often” ~ Chef Melissa 


My Podcast Pick of the Week — Milk Street Radio Podcast you can look here but listen to it on Spotify or ITunes

Feed Feed Deborah Balint is “connecting people that love to cook” 

Rainy Day Bites Deborah Balint’s online (Instagram) cookbook club that is the model I like best ,,, thinking there’s a way to make this work!

Harvest Hosts do you know about this RV Membership Club? IT IS AWESOME!!! 

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