Newsletter # 8 | February 21, 2019


Is it mid week already? Time really does fly by sometimes. What’s the weather like where you are? I think we are all ready for Spring!!
This week has been crazy with cookbook writing tasks & I have gotten behind in blog posts so just one—-> BUT it’s a yummy Queso Fundidorecipe!! And oh… the Juniper BBQ Sauce is up now too!!
Now, let’s talk about how unhappy I am with my RV kitchen. I have been using our (less than large) kitchen for almost 10 months now. WOW. I just did that math & time does fly! Anyway, even though we have a 40 ft Class A which is big by RV standards, ANY RV kitchen is small when compared to mist sticks n bricks houses!! It’s kind of like a play house kitchen, right?
Soooo, how limited am I feeling in my cozy little ‘cocina’?
The answer might surprise you —- not (hardly) limited at all! I am happy with my kitchen. I haven’t changed how I cook, or what I cook (mostly). I would be fibbing to say that I haven’t changed anything. I have. I have ‘added’ counter space to combat not feeling (hardly) limited. What about only (mostly) not changing how or what I cook. Well, relax, it small potatoes (Yep, I’m punny). I bought an air fryer because it’s safer — grease over propane flame in a small space (bad combo) — but the unexpected bonus is that air frying is sooo much healthier so it was a win, not a lose!!! The only other change I feel I have made is that I don’t buy as much food that just sits in my big pantry or goes bad in my big refrigerator— so, we eat most everything & throw out little. Oh, that’s not really bad either! Hmm?? And oh, I prep ahead due to that limited space but in fairness, I did that even in a larger kitchen…it’s just a necessity now is the only difference. (Hint – if you don’t do it before you live in an RV, start before you do to instill the habit)!
However, because we do cook in so much & only occasionally eat out, I wish we had decided that a ‘larger’ kitchen was a must have when we were RV shopping (it is on the list when we get the next one). That’s a lesson you can apply … be sure to really think about how you will live in your RV; you know, what spaces you will use the most & shop accordingly!! But, until we find that next rig, we are good to cook up a storm in the kitchen we have!
I hope you have a great week. I would love to see pictures of YOUR rig kitchen if you have one or know what your looking at if you are still planning. I can also answer any questions you have or help with equipment. maybe next week we’ll discuss my top 10 RV kitchen must-haves!!

Until next week, eat fresh, be local & travel often  Chef Melissa

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