Newsletter #9 | 02.28.19

“CONTENT: Some Local Farms in East TX, Recipes, RV Podcast, Technomadia (what do you need to stay modern on the road)  & a Coverted Schoolie Reno  & more …”


Hi  … It’s almost March!!! Tomorrow!! Whaaattt? Do you feel like the past few months have flown by or is it just me?? Speaking of time, it IS Thursday not Wednesday (when you should be getting this!) I hope you will forgive the extra day …my daughter & grand-kids were down for an extra long weekend & I “lost” Monday! You know how that happens right; the week starts on Tuesday & you spend the rest of the week a day off? ! finally realized it was Wednesday (not Tuesday) yesterday afternoon so I cut myself a break & decided to just let you live in my distorted time frame too!! Good news, only 6 days until the next newsletter!

Back to that March thing. It’s almost Spring so where do (or will) you plan to RV this Spring & Summer? Are you a “follow the weather” traveler or will you be hitting the heat of the Keys in July and braving the cold of Colorado in the winter so you can ski? We are still figuring our “style” out but I can tell you, having spent 50 years in the Midwest, we are just ‘done’ with winter & we will be “Chasing 70” as they say!!
By now, you may know that I am kind of farm-food obsessed. This week I will have been able to visit local Broussard Farm & Lonestar Sustainable Farm both right here in this little corner of East Texas. So now I have a new stock of goats milk bath products as well as a freezer full of sustainably raised chicken & pork! 
IT IS SO WORTH the small commitment of time to find real, local foods ... not only do I get much better tasting, way more healthful meal but a family farmer is supported NOT a government funded & regulated corporate conglomerate! AND I often make new friends which is such an added bonus!! If you don’t already, try shopping a farmers market this spring. If you love to cook, you will be hooked! NOTE—> Just added (after seeing the Today Show this morning) I am going to contact a company called Farm Box Direct that was highlighted…HAVE YOU HEARD OF THEM? Well, they mail organic (supposedly) local produce to your door! Now, you know I am a fan of farmers markets or direct from the farmer buying but life is busy &IF this is what is looks like it would help fill in the gaps or give an alternative when there are no markets or no time to get to one! I obviously need more info (which I am gathering) and am going to inquire with them to see if I can do a box review & write a blog post on them! STAY TUNED!!! If it works out… I will do a LIVE un-boxing!
Up coming RECIPES in the next few days on my website will include a warm, earthy Creamy Mushroom Soup (or maybe Beef Stroganoff, I can’t decide) & Chicken ‘n Roasted Chile Street Tacos plus a maybe a surprise dessert!! YUM!! I will link to them next week OR on Instagram! AND yes, I having been working on the TOP 10 RV Kitchen Must-Haves post as well!
Now for the part where I need YOUR HELP…. I am currently writing my cookbook proposal (to secure my publisher) and in doing so I am narrowing down my theme. I think I am planning to divide the book by regions. WHAT ARE THE REGIONS OF THE USA as far as you see it?? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COOKBOOK? HOW IMPORTANT ARE PHOTOS IN A COOKBOOK? 
AND OH…. Southeast Texas is in full-on Mardi Gras mode as we approach next Tuesday, so in the spirit… “Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler”!!!
Have a great week, I hope to see you on the road soon & KEEP ON COOKING!!
~ Chef Melissa Cultivated Journey
Podcast of the Week ——> Freedom Calling RV Show this one is fairly new so you can follow along & support RVer Stephanie Wright in the process!!
A COOL BUS RENO Converted Bus —-> because if you’re like me you LOVE seeing as many renovations of mobile spaces as you can!!!

RV INFO YOU MUST HAVE Technomadia —->This takes you to there START HERE playlist on YouTube for ALL things with mobile tech (internet, phone, etc) setup, what it COSTS to RV, a teaser for their new series & so much more!! Let these longtime RV nomads teach you!

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