Hello &Welcome.  My name is Melissa. I am a (not-so) typical Chef cultivating a (very) extraordinary life while traveling the country full-time in an RV with my husband & grand-pup. It would be my honor to tell you a little more & if you like what you find, come along for the journey!
Are you an enthusiastic food lover?  Do you love the food, & craft/wine beer scene … oh & coffee shops too?! (So do we!) Do you get excited to try a new recipe or try to recreate that great dish you had at that local restaurant the other day? (Uh huh!) Do you like good, real food from farms & markets? Is a trip to a farmers market for you like a trip to a pop-up boutique for fashion lovers?  Then you know that the journey to create a good meal is as important as the food itself! You are in the right place. I am here to inspire YOU to be a more a more aware, adventurous, healthful & confidant cook – even if (or when) the scenery changes & space you have to create in  may be small! I say “YOU CAN DO THIS!”


SO, what is “Cultivated Journey” you ask? For me, it’s the culmination of many ideas & embodies so much of what I want to share but to break it down … 

Cultivate= apply oneself to improving or developing (one’s mind or manners). synonyms: improve, better, refine, elevate; educate, train, develop, enrich    Yes please, always!   

But it also has humbler origins ….mid 17th century: from medieval Latin cultivat- ‘prepared for crops,’ Which ties in to my desire to EAT fresh, BE Local!

Journey = “travel, go, voyage, sail, cruise, fly, hike, trek, ride, drive, make one’s way” Sounds perfect! Here we GO!!

What can you expect from Cultivated Journey? 

My aim is to educate, enrich & elevate your culinary adventures by connecting you with local farms, markets & eateries in every community you stay in or explore. I will do this by providing you with relevant content & resources whether you are a casual traveler or full-time nomad living the life. I want to inspire & empower all of you small kitchen gourmets to embrace your journey & eat real, good food along the way… ! 

 Cookbooks, Courses, Caravans &  OH MY!!

As Cultivated Journey is starting I have big ideas & plans so visit often & be sure to subscribe for updates!!! I ultimately want this to be a place you can come for all things food (with some craft brew, wine & coffee thrown in too) while you travel this country. I plan to write consistently with the intention of inspiring or teaching you something new . I will post new content several times a week.   I have written a free e-cookbook that I will make available & am working on a print cookbook planned to be out by late 2019 or early 2020.  I even have a few projects on the ‘drawing board”  like regional food, beer & wine trail-style RV caravans?? If you have ANY IDEAS feel free to email me as I would love to hear from you.  Also, be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM (@cultivatedjourney) as I post almost daily & you can always message me there as well.

Remember, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so that you get notified as I post new recipes, tips or events. I promise to keep it relevant & concise… I will not to flood your inbox & I will never share you! I am so glad you are here & I hope we will meet someday down the road!!