Newsletter #16

 A Weekly Serving of Roadside Perspective | Volume 1, Issue 16 | 6.19.19

“CONTENT: My CBLOVE Podcast interview, Local Harvest App, Foodie Caravan??, YouTubers The Mamuchos & more ….”



And… it’s SUMMER!!!! I am not sure where you are right now, but I know many of us (mobile) folks are in locations that are not in the 100+ degree range…. it’s called “following the weather” or “chasing 70”, right? So, if you are like us (here in northern New Mexico at 8300 ft) we are just starting to see summer & farmers markets are just beginning for the (brief) season! I am NOT complaining, I LOVE this climate, but the growing season is more brief & later…. so we adjust! I have been getting FarmBox Direct for my veggies until a week ago .It (mostly) is a good solution to the isolation & lack of good groceries we have here. I am starting a new pasture-raised, organic meat service next week (I WILL DO A LIVE UN-BOXING on Cultivated Journey’s Facebook page OF THAT WHEN IT COMES)

This newsletter is packed with info (I told you I am ready to be back!) so read it all the way through so you don’t miss out … I am sure you will find something for you… (& don’t forget the links at the bottom for farmers market directories & more !!)

The HUNGRY NOMADS COOKBOOK/COOKING CLUB launch is around the corner (like 3 -4 weeks until initial “meeting”) ARE YOU INTERESTED?? If so, please REPLY & I will send you info directly as it gets closer … the commitment will be manageable but enough to be engaging & fun. Since meeting in person won’t be possible we will have a unique, interactive approach combining LIVE Zoom meetings & social media posting. We will pick a cookbook (or books) to cook from which will be picked out together on our first Zoom (video) call. I would like to look at this as a club that re-news every 6 months. This first one will be Fall/Winter (we will begin cooking in August).

ALSO … I am going to be adding all of my newsletters to my website under an ARCHIVES tab so you can always go back & re-read or browse (especially the LINKS!!) PLUS I am going to start a SUMMER COOKING SERIES of RECIPES on my Cultivated Journey BLOG. It will be for July AND August, so 8 weeks of NEW “summer” recipes & I will post 2-3 recipes each time so you have a whole meal!! IF you haven’t been to MY BLOG yet you must GO NOW!!

A serious QUESTION for you & my other fellow Nomads … would you ever be interested in a Cultivated Journey Foodie Caravan that would take place in a food/wine/beer-centric area, be 2-3 weeks in length and have plenty of food, wine & beer destinations, cookouts etc.?? Think of it like a food-driven convergence-type gathering. I am think this would be an awesome way for many of us to connect once a year?? WHAT AREA would you want to meet if I were to put this together?? Would 6 months ahead be sufficient for planning?

Enough for today, so I will close today with a little more on one of my most passionate topics (eating local)… I am taking this from EcoWatch(originally published in 2015 but still all relevant & true!)

Here are their 10 reasons …you, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], should eat more local food whenever possible…:

  • Supports local farms: Buying local food keeps local farms healthy and creates local jobs at farms and in local food processing and distribution systems.
  • Boosts local economy: Food dollars spent at local farms and food producers stay in the local economy, creating more jobs at other local businesses.
  • Less travel: Local food travels much less distance to market than typical fresh or processed grocery store foods, therefore using less fuel and generating fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Less waste: Because of the shorter distribution chains for local foods, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising.
  • More freshness: Local food is fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.
  • New and better flavors: When you commit to buy more local food, you’ll discover interesting new foods, tasty new ways to prepare food and a new appreciation of the pleasure of each season’s foods.
  • Good for the soil: Local food encourages diversification of local agriculture, which reduces the reliance on mono-culture—single crops grown over a wide area to the detriment of soils.
  • Attracts tourists: Local foods promote agritourism—farmers’ markets and opportunities to visit farms and local food producers help draw tourists to a region.
  • Preserves open space: Buying local food helps local farms survive and thrive, keeping land from being redeveloped into suburban sprawl.
  • Builds more connected communities: Local foods create more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers who bring them healthy local foods. As customers of CSAs and farmers markets have discovered, they are great places to meet and connect with friends as well as farmers

OK—-> ready to find those farms & farmers markets?? ME TOO!!! Please share with an email or pictures (or both) when you visit ones in your area… we can help each other out! Tag me on instagram or message me on Facebook. I will re-post with your permission!!

p.s… my cookbook is coming along well, I even have a working title, description, etc & am working on a publishers proposal for a 3 book regional series (surprise). There will be more to come on progress this fall as I seek recipe testers (some of you are on my list, reply if you are not & want to be) 

BE SURE TO WATCH my antics on INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK if you aren’t already! OH YEA —> If you are going to be in northern New Mexico, come see us!! IT IS AWESOME HERE — > Golden Eagle RV Park (tell ’em you know Chef Melissa! maybe we can be neighbors!) We are here through September …

Until the next time … 

Eat fresh, Be Local & Travel Often my Friend!! ~ Chef Melissa


FOOD STUFF Local Harvest (Find Farmers Markets in your area!)OR try the USDA Local Food Directories Page

PODCAST While on the topic of cookbooks, this one deserves another share(if I do say so myself) Episode 30 Guest Chef Melissa Bottorff-Arey (YES, ME!)

YOU TUBE RVer Feature Meet The Mamuchos. You will LOVE them & let’s start with one of their Restaurant Reviews .but I am sure you will get hooked! ..“The Mamuchos; Maria, a funny human from Spain and Lieles, a hilarious and caring human from NY (West Indian background). Our motto is Live, Love and Travel. On this channel you will laugh, you will also learn various things and definitely, you will be inspired to live and love your life.

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