Newsletter #17

A Weekly Serving of Roadside Perspective | Volume 1, Issue 17 | 07.24.19

CONTENT: Uh oh! Gotta GO back home, Cooking Club, Recipes & Home Brewing in an RV!!”¬†


Hello, I am so thankful you are reading this to find out why “I suck” ūüôĀ

I am NOT (typically) unreliable or not a person of my word … but sometimes when you least expect it,¬†LIFE. CRASHES. IN.

If you like reality “shows”¬†… well we could star in one recently!

I will keep this brief because I loathe something that just sounds like a bunch of “excuses” but I want to be honest with you so that you …¬†I really want you to stick with me in this journey, invite your foodie (and BREWING) friends along & value your time, SO, HERE IT IS

I was all set to hit “re-start” …. and the very next week …

  • We discovered we had to¬†leave New Mexico¬†(we encountered a bad situation that required just severing ties) If you recall, we were planning to be there until Sept 30 so this was a big deal & took a lot out of us!
  • Then AS the above was unfolding we were offered a unique opportunity in¬†IDAHO¬†… Yep, land of the potato! …Well, OK?
  • As we headed for Idaho, my daughter went into premature labor (3rd child) and the baby went straight to NICU …AAAHHHH!!! .WE PUT ON THE BRAKES, FLIPPED THE RV EAST & HEADED TO KC … Idaho could wait!!

So here we are, “home in KC”.¬†After several weeks of scary stuff we have a healthy grandson who just came home!! We have decided that things happen for a reason & we are needed here, for a few reasons & so we will stay “for awhile” (until all is well & the call of the road pulls us back out! BUT we will be back out!!) HAS LIFE EVER SIDE SWIPED YOU to the point you just HAD to pay attention?

have you gotten out on the road this summer? I would love to know where you have been!!

HERE’S my AMENDED Summer Agenda — Keeping it real!!

  • Cookbook/Cooking CLUB Launch¬†– Letter on first (planning) meeting, with a¬†date & time,¬†going out by this weeks end!! PROMISE!!
  • BLOG – SUMMER RECIPE SERIES¬†– I am going to abbreviate (I lost JULY!!) & do a¬†“Dog Days” August Series¬†with a segway into Fall
  • Cookbook project¬†– still going. NO change here & I will still be contacting recipe testers this fall!!
  • WE are going to become HOME BREWERS¬†— New development! MORE TO COME …¬†Why stop at canning in an RV? Or dehydrating or preserving …. LET’S BREW!!!¬†We started this in New Mexico & I was just about to “blow the lid off of this” & all Hell broke loose so we will have THAT news coming in a few weeks!!!

That’s all for now. I won’t put any links as I will be getting the past 14 newsletters (all with GREAT LINKS) into the ARCHIVES tab on my website. I will resume the links in my next newsletter!¬†THANKS FOR READING …. it means more than I can say!!

BE SURE TO WATCH my antics on¬†INSTAGRAM¬†OR¬†FACEBOOK¬†if you aren’t already!

Until the next time …

Eat fresh, Be Local & Travel Often my Friend!! ~ Chef Melissa

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